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From fire risk assessments for flats, to our your own dedicated risk management department, we’ve got your needs covered! Our comprehensive range of services will help you reach compliance in the most practical and cost-effective way.

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Dedicated Risk Management Department

How about all our services rolled into one? See us as an extension of your team, providing tailored, on-going fire and health & safety support, whenever you need it. Partner with us and benefit from free access to our multi-property risk management dashboard, practical, complaint and affordable risk assessments, additional revenue generation, plus much more.

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RiskSense Dashboard

Accessible via a simple and secure online portal, our bespoke multi-property risk management dashboard easily manages your portfolio’s risk and safety assessments in one place. No longer do you need to try and manage numerous reports and action plans to still not know where your overall level of compliance is. By just a click of a button, RiskSense will give you a clear overview of your assessments to help you prioritise actions and allocate resources where they’re needed the most.  


Fire Risk Assessment

We’re not here to preach about fire safety. As a Landlord or Property Manager, you’ll already know that you need a fire risk assessment. What you may not know is how to access the best possible support, at the right price, to help you maintain your audit trail of compliance. That’s where we come in.


Health & Safety Risk Assessment

On top of arranging a fire safety assessment for your property, you will undoubtedly be aware that you also need to organise a general health and safety assessment. Whilst this is maybe something you can do yourself (after all, much of it is common sense), there is also a lot of legislation and guidance to take into account, in order to be confident of full compliance.


Asbestos Risk Assessment

If fire and health and safety weren’t enough for you to worry about, you also need to consider the potential implications of asbestos!    
Do you know if you have asbestos anywhere within your building(s)? Are you confident that you know what the risks are? Do you know what to do to manage these risks?


Legionella Risk Assessment

To make your job a little easier, as your dedicated risk management consultants, we’re also on hand to carry out legionella risk assessments to identify waterborne health hazards.

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Safety Management Review

We promise it’s not as dry as it sounds! Our safety management review is a detailed plan of where you are now in terms of your level of fire and safety compliance.


Training & Policies

Let’s face it, training staff takes time, energy and resources, so why not let us handle this for you! Our specialist team has extensive knowledge in the planning and delivery of a wide variety of fire safety and general safety training packages.


Ongoing Support

As your ‘go-to’ Fire and Safety Department, we can provide ongoing support and assistance as and when required, so you can focus on what you do best.