We’re not just here for one-off assessments. See us as an extension of your team, providing tailored, on-going fire and health & safety support, whenever you need it.  

Block management companies that partner with us benefit from the following:

1. FREE access to our RiskSense dashboard

Forget the paperwork, our bespoke multi-property management dashboard helps you manage your fire risk and health & safety assessments in one place. By just a click of a button, you’ll gain a clear overview to help you prioritise actions and allocate resources where they’re needed the most.  You can find out more here.   

2. Practical, complaint and affordable risk assessments

Our legally compliant fire and safety risk assessments are comprehensive, practical and cost-effective, helping resolve any identified issues quickly and efficiently.

3. Your own Fire and Safety team

You’re busy enough, so we can liaise with enforcing authorities and other agencies on your behalf. Your dedicated consultant can also provide technical advice and support, as required, including helping you to manage specifications for new installations, such as fire alarms, emergency lighting systems and fire extinguishers, making your life a little easier

4. Competency management

We’ll work alongside your team to ensure you’re all up-to-date with the very latest safety guidance, as it applies to you.  We can provide regular update sessions for your team and help ensure you have a robust competency framework in place for all things safety related.

5. Revenue generation opportunities

We constantly benchmark our pricing against our competitors to ensure maximum value to you.  Additionally, we can facilitate additional revenue generation for your company through a ‘joint branding’ partnership, allowing you to sell our products directly to your clients.

Let us do the hard work!

We believe we offer a refreshing alternative in terms of safety management support and would love to discuss how we can assist you to maintain a robust and cost-effective framework.  Safety management doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, provided you have access to the best possible support.  To arrange a short, no obligation meeting, or to discuss this in more detail please get in touch.