Do you:

  1. Have multiple sites requiring ongoing risk assessments?

  2. Already have multiple reports with a myriad of different remedial actions to address?

  3. Have an effective system to manage all this information in a logical and simple way?

  4. Have complete confidence that you can demonstrate a robust audit trail of compliance and best practice should this be necessary?

We can help you with all these issues with our multi-property risk management dashboard, RiskSense!

How it works:

Accessible via a simple and secure online portal, our bespoke software easily manages your portfolio’s risk and safety assessments in one place.

No longer do you need to try and manage numerous reports and action plans to still not know where your overall level of compliance is. By just a click of a button, RiskSense will give you a clear overview of your assessments to help you prioritise actions and allocate resources where they’re needed the most.  

The system logs in ‘real time’ all of your remedial actions and can help you feel in complete control of your buildings’ health and safety. RiskSense can also provide bespoke management reporting according to your needs, as well as a full audit trail for management, and/or enforcing authorities, as required.

With online access to your own safety expert and a host of useful safety guidance included, RiskSense really is the one-stop shop for your safety needs.

The cost:

RiskSense is provided at no extra cost and your secure online access will be facilitated once we have completed in excess of 20 assessments for you. To see our individual assessment pricing structure, click here

To find out more and to see the benefits for yourself, click the button below to book your no-obligation demonstration.